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Bend or break: materials for the future

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  • Crosstalks photo by Adam af Ekenstam What does design say about human nature and social structures? 2016-10-07 The design of objects around us affects us in profound ways and humans are drawn to beauty. How do appearances and surfaces affect user experience? How does the digital world change the way we interact with physical objects and spaces, and what does the future look like?
  • Crosstalks How does material science shape our future? 2016-01-25 Sustainable materials was the topic of the last episode of the academic talkshow Crosstalks ” Bend or break: materials for the future”. Human existence is, to a large extent, defined by the materials we use, a fact that is evident in the way we categorize parts of human history into periods such as the Stone Age or the Bronze Age.
  • Crosstalks How science inspires fiction and fiction inspires science 2015-12-18 The latest episode of Crosstalks “Imagining the possible” talked about how science inspires fiction and vice versa. The submarine, the helicopter and the atomic power are all inventions that were in some way inspired by the fictional works of authors like Jules Verne and H.G. Wells.
  • Crosstalks Are machines replacing knowledge workers? 2015-11-20 Will half of all jobs on today’s market be gone in 20 years? Work in the 21st century was the topic of the last episode of the academic talkshow Crosstalks.
  • Crosstalks Cities – a place for opportunities 2015-10-23 The future of cities was the topic of the last episode of the academic talkshow Crosstalks. How can we meet the opportunities and challenges of the modern city and build towards more sustainable and socially diverse cities where people can live comfortably?
  • Christer Fuglesang, Katherine Freese and Ariel Goobar There is life out there - Crosstalks about space research 2015-10-02 The new space age was in focus when top researchers from Stockholm University and KTH participated in the latest episode of the academic talk show Crosstalks.
  • Crosstalks How can we live forever? 2015-09-01 The dilemma of human enhancement, and the dangers and pitfalls of using science to enable us to live forever, was discussed in the latest episode of the academic talk show Crosstalks.
  • Forest discussion at Crosstalks Collaboration is key when dealing with the forest 2015-07-15 The forests hold many keys to a more sustainable society. Cross-disciplinary education and collaboration are essential to address the complex issues forest management brings about.
  • Crosstalks on Artifical Intelligence Artificial intelligence is not a threat 2015-05-26 Recreation of human abilities, rise of intelligent machines and development of new technologies. Artificial intelligence was in focus in the last episode of the academic talk show Crosstalks, now available at
  • Audience at Crosstalks on the human brain in Aula Magna The human brain is like a city 2015-04-29 Recovery from stroke, building a human brain, RNA modelling, and how the brain is similar to a city. The human brain was in focus in the latest episode of Crosstalks, recorded at Aula Magna on Thursday 23 April and broadcast on the same day via the talk show website.