Villa Bellona
Villa Bellona - the home of the innovation system at Stockholm University.

The Innovation System

It is of great importance that knowledge and results created at the university, e.g. from education or research, are made available and accessible to the public. This knowledge can be utilized in many different ways. One important way is through innovation, wich is when ideas are transformed into new products and services presented to society. Sometimes this is associated with the startup of new companies or through setting up collaborations with existing companies.

The three units within the innovation system all have different roles and operate in different phases of the university’s innovation support process. Together the units offer a coherent and complementary support throughout the journey from idea to introduction to society or on the market.

The Innovation Office

The Innovation Office is the university's initial and central service and support function for innovation-related issues. The Innovation Office’s target groups are researchers, teachers, doctoral students and graduate students at SU. The Innovation Office offers advice and guidance in innovation combined with various educational and inspirational activities. For advice and guidance aimed at students at SU, the Innovation Office collaborates closely with the organization Drivhuset.

The Innovation Office provides advice on issues related to intellectual property rights (IP), agreements, opportunities and strategies for utilization, packaging and presentation of ideas, funding opportunities and business development. The Innovation Office also has some scope to give financial support for the verification and validation of ideas.

The SU Incubator

Through a tailormade incubator program entrepreneurs linked to SU (researchers, teachers and students) are given the opportunity to develop their business ideas towards the creation of new startups. The focus is on helping entrepreneurs to develop their businesses and reach the market. The program provides free office space in the incubator and various forms of business development support and business coaching for up to one year. An important component of the Incubator program is the knowledge and experience exchange that takes place between participants. The SU Incubator is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SU Holding AB.

The Holding Company

SU Holdingbolag AB is a commercial company managed and controlled by Stockholm University. The holding company has the opportunity to conduct commercial activities connected with the university, something that cannot be done by the university itself. For newly-established companies that are affiliated or have their origin at the university the holding company offers the opportunity to obtain investments in the form of seed capital. Through these investments, the holding company will take the role of partner in the startup companies.