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Stockholm University is part of CIVIS – European Civic University Alliance which in total includes eight universities:

Cooperation across national borders

The purpose of CIVIS is to facilitate cooperation across national borders and to increase the mobility of students, teachers and other staff. The alliance focuses on five global challenges:

  • Health
  • Cities and mobility
  • Climate, environment, energy
  • Digital and technological transformations
  • Society, cultures and heritage

The collaboration creates opportunities for research, teaching, cultural exchanges and citizen engagement from the Mediterranean to the Baltic, with connections to the whole world.

European universities

Funded by EU

The alliance is supported by the European Commission via the Erasmus + call "European Universities" which aims to increase collaboration between European universities and thereby increase the quality and attractiveness of higher education in Europe.


Fredrik Oldsjö, Secretary General of the CIVIS Office at Stockholm University.
E-mail: or

Johanna Diehl, Project Manager for CIVIS at Stockholm University. E-mail: 

Maria Wilenius, Head at Office of the President and member of the Steering Committee for CIVIS.

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