National Student Disability Support

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National Student Disability Support

Since 1993, Stockholm University has had a special assignment commonly referred to as “national funds for students with disabilities” or “national funds for targeted pedagogical support”. It can be described as a shared grant for all higher education institutions that is managed by Stockholm University. The assignment is given on an annual basis in the appropriation directions. The aim of the grant is to partly cover high costs for personal pedagogical support for disabled students in order to remove or bridge barriers in the study situation.

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Cooperation a prerequisite

A prerequisite for Stockholm University to carry out this task is, of course, cooperation with all higher education institutions in Sweden, and also with other authorities, state agencies and relevant interest organizations in this field.

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The assignment in more detail

Stockholm University collects and compiles, on an annual basis, data from all Swedish higher education institutions on their costs for targeted pedagogical support for students with disabilities in the study situation. At the same time, the numbers of known students are collected.

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The Coordinators' Network

At all universities and institutions of higher education there are contact persons who are coordinators of pedagogical support for students who face barriers or experience disabilities in their study situation.

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The Swedish Agency for Accessible Media (MTM) and Legimus

The mandate of the MTM (the Swedish Agency for Accessible Media) is to inform and raise awareness about talking books, braille, easy-to-read literature and news, audio papers and reading (print) impairments.


Coordinator, National Student Disability Support

Monica Svalfors