The information about costs that Stockholm University collects, only concerns pedagogical support through personnel efforts offered, directly targeted to and involving students with disabilites; either individually or as a group.

Thereafter, all the higher education institutions whose costs during a calendar year exceed the equivalent of 0,3 % of their government funding for undergraduate education, will receive a portion of the national funds.

The annual report

The assignment also involves compiling data on the known numbers of disabled students at the higher education institutions. The report is to be presented on a national level.

Thereafter, the information about the pedagogical support and a summary of the  costs for the measures, is presented in Stockholm University's annual report, together with the compiled data on the known number of students with disabilities, grouped by disability area and gender. In the annual report, a short text should also describe  various initiatives throughout the year that have improved the study conditions for the students in question. In this way, an overall picture of the situation is presented in one place.