Stockholm University is an international academic environment and international collaboration is a prerequisite for high-quality research and education. The Global Engagement plan is based on Stockholm University's comprehensive Strategies for 2019-2022 and sets out the central points of departure for international operations.

International academic environment

According to the plan, the university will work to ensure 
  • an international academic environment that is imbued with excellence
  • improved conditions for international recruitment, mobility and collaboration
  • increased visibility and presence on international research and education arenas
The ambitions are high: "A changing environment, with fact resistance and nationalist currents, affect the universities' assignments and make it particularly important to safeguard an inclusive, international openness", says the plan, among other things.

Increased international collaboration

The university administration works actively to provide coherent support to international activities and thus contribute to increased international collaboration through more incoming and outgoing students, teachers, researchers and postdocs.
"Global Engagement emphasizes the importance of strategic analysis in order for the university to be able to act both in the long term and to be flexible, but it does not point out prioritised geographical regions, explains Maria Wikse, head of international affairs at the Research Support Office, who has worked with the plan.