International Partner Universities

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International Partner Universities

Helsingfors universitet. Photo: Linda Tammisto

University of Helsinki

Since 2014, Stockholm University has worked together with University of Helsinki in a strategic partnership prioritising the cross-disciplinary fields of Baltic Sea research, teacher education, language and linguistics.

University of Illinois

University of Illinois

The partnership “Illinois-Sweden Program for Educational and research Exchange (INSPIRE)” alliance rests on three foundational pillars, namely education, research, and service.

Gemensamt handslag efter signering

University of Tokyo

The collaboration will centre on research and education under the watchwords excellence, interdisciplinarity and social relevance. Besides exchanges of researchers and students, the universities will also share programs on faculty development.

Stockholm University. Photo ny Niklas Björling

European Civic University

With the ambition to create an integrated university space where students, academics, researchers and staff move and collaborate as freely as in their institution of origin, 8 Universities have decided to create a European Civic University together.


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