Five areas of focused action

The goal of the project is to strengthen Stockholm’s position as a centre of innovation. Toward this goal, the project focuses its attention on 5 areas.

  • Research and innovation infrastructure
  • Innovation procurement
  • Supply of capital
  • Cross-sector approach
  • Globally attractive

Each focus area has the mission to push Stockholm to the ultimate goal – being the most innovative economy in the world.

Stockholm Region – year 2025

Open and multicultural – open stage for different lifestyles and ways of thinking and living
Creative – having innovative ideas and creating the climate for ideas to flourish
Attractive globally to businesses and people – one of the world’s most advanced markets
Leading the way by building a stable and sustainable society and engaging globally

The project is an initiative of Stockholm County Administrative Board

Other organisations contributing to this agenda for innovation are Stockholm County Council, Stockholm city, Kommunförbundet Stockholms Län (KSL), Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, Stockholm Capital of Scandinavia, KTH and Karolinska Institute.

The campaign started in summer 2012 and the action programme began autumn 2013.