Featured collaborative projects:

  • Cooperative research applications and financing: The partners shall identify areas of research and submit applications together. This includes identifying and contacting foundations and private donors.
  • Cooperative teaching and seminars: Researchers at SEI shall guest lecture at the university and the university’s researchers can participate in SEI’s seminars. Opportunities for shared seminars, workshops and other events shall be developed.
  • Guidance of postdocs: Senior researchers at SEI shall be able to mentor postdocs at the university. The university and SEI can also work together in the guidance of a master’s project.
  • Researchers’ affiliations: Researchers at SEI are connected to the university, and vice versa. The agreement also offers the possibility for university researchers to be connected to SEI’s offices in Estonia, Kenya, Thailand, the UK and USA.

About Stockholm Environmental Institute

In 1989, the Swedish government founded the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) to be an international participant in research on issues surrounding the environment and development. The institute focuses on policy issues, applying integrative knowledge, and reducing the gap between research and decision making. The research at SEI is organised around four main topics:

  • management of environmental systems
  • reducing climate risks
  • transforming governance
  • rethinking development

Read more about SEI on their website:  www.sei-international.org/