Accelerator's core mission is to open new ways of thinking at every level: sparking new research questions, inspiring new ways of learning, and originating new approaches to societal issues.

Anchored by exhibitions

Art exhibitions, shaped by the artistic director, are central to Accelerator.  An important part of the collaboration process is the interdisciplinary team of researchers who are invited to reflect over the exhibitions, participating artists and art. Most of Accelerator's activities are open to students, researchers, and the wider community.

Autumn 2016

To launch the project, Accelerator invited the video art pioneer Tony Oursler to do an outdoor multimedia installation entitled Influence Machine & Antennae in the autumn of 2016. The work was shown on the Frescati campus in partnership with the art museum Magasin III.

See a short documentary about the event.

Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017, Accelerator was showing two works by the artistic duo Lundahl & Seitl "An Elegy to the Medium of Film" and "Unknown Cloud on Its Way to Stockholm University".

Spring 2018

Accelerator’s art project Spring 2018 consists of a film programme with a series of video works. It will be shown in Södra huset at Stockholm University on a large screen in the space outside the university library. Date: 24-27 April.

A physical meeting place

In 2019, Accelerator will open its physical location in the old underground physics laboratory Manne Siegbahn in Frescati. This hub will be a public meeting place for art, science, and societal issues. Prior to the opening of the space, Accelerator is planning two events per year, a pace that should continue in the new location.

Stimulating collaboration

Accelerator, founded in 2015 by Vice-Chancellor Astrid Söderbergh Widding, builds on a longstanding and successful collaboration with external partners, like Magasin III, within Stockholm University's master programme "Curating art." Initiative for the project comes from Professor of Art History, Margaretha Rossholm Lagerhöf, and Magasin III's director David Neuman, an affiliated professor and honorary doctor at Stockholm University.

Working closely with external partners provides an important influx of ideas for both art installations and potential research questions. Accelerator plans to work in collaboration with a smaller group of external partners. Today there are agreements with the art museum Magasin III - Museum & Foundation for Contemporary Art and the Family Robert Weils Foundation.