Stockholm University’s Baltic Sea Centre links research and policy decisions. A unique combination of marine researchers, experts and communication specialists broadens and deepens knowledge of the Baltic Sea in order to improve society’s response to environmental challenges. They synthesise and convey research results to the places where it can make a difference.

Highlighting the university’s marine research

Stockholm University has promoted successful marine research and education for more than 50 years. It is a world leader in Baltic Sea research and also conducts marine research in other parts of Sweden, the tropics, and the polar regions. The strong research profile contributes to the breadth of marine educational opportunities at the university.

Baltic Sea Centre’s mission

Stockholm University’s Baltic Sea Centre aims to strengthen and shine a light on their multidisciplinary marine research. They offer an attractive infrastructure for research and education, such as research vessels and the field station at Äsko.

Stockholm University’s Baltic Sea Centre promises to:

  • Carry out vital research and environmental analysis to support policy making
  • Communicate this knowledge to society
  • Provide an infrastructure that attracts the best in marine research and education