Innovationskontoret  (The innovation office), part of the External Relations and Communications Office, strives to focus the research-based knowledge coming out of the university. The program is aimed at doctoral students, researchers/teachers, and students. The focus is on the early phases of a project, when an idea needs to be developed and authenticated. Some of the support they offer directly, in the form of personalised advice, and other support comes through inspiration, education, and changing attitudes.

SU Inkubator

SU Inkubator is aimed at a later stage in the marketing process where support is focused on business and the market. Inkubator works closely with Innovationskontoret. Individuals and companies participating in Inkubator get office space in Villa Belona and various other forms of support during the year.


Holdingbolaget exists to handle money and the ownership of companies that participate in, or are spun off from, the university’s innovation programmes. Unlike the Innovationskontoret and SU Inkubator, Holdingbolaget can invest in projects and act as owners for start-ups.


Both SU Inkubator and Holdingbolaget are limited companies owned by Stockholm University.