These tools were chosen in part because they meet our legal requirements, for example, on handling personal data. Other services can be procured in extraordinary times, but only with the consent of the university director.

These tools have been reviewed by technical, legal and teaching specialists to ensure that the systems can meet the demands of the university in an acceptable manner.

Now that the entire world is moving to working remotely, these tools are experiencing a rise in demand that the companies had not planned for.

Against this background, here are the legal issues that you should be aware of:

  1. Stockholm University is required to ensure that all services we use include an agreement on how they handle personal information. This means that it is not acceptable to use free services if they don’t include this agreement.
  2. The Public Procurement Act applies when you purchase services. Stockholm University has framework- and standard agreements for the delivery of certain services. If the service can be provided through this agreement, that supplier must be used. If the service isn’t available, it must undergo a procurement process. There are conditions in the Public Procurement Act that may be applicable under extraordinary circumstances like the corona pandemic. For this exception, there has a particular urgency to buy the service, and the need for procurement could not have been foreseen. Use of this exception must be approved by the university director.
  3. Education must continue to be provided with equality. When you use different tools it’s important to take into account students’ differing circumstances. Access to equipment as well as technical proficiency varies widely among students.
  4. Students’ computers and phones are their own. You cannot require students to install software that could use data inappropriately or access other information stored on the same device.
  5. The requirements for documentation and its preservation still apply. This means that information received, compiled or sent in different tools must be preserved in the same way as always.