General questions

What measures is Stockholm University taking to protect staff and students from being infected?
Information about the university's positions related to the new coronavirus is updated continuously and latest information can be found here:

Is Stockholm University closed?
Our overall goal is that courses and programmes should, as far as possible, be implemented as planned, but run remotely. Due to the difficult situation caused by the coronavirus infection in Sweden, the Swedish government asked all educational institutions (and upper secondary schools) to transition to distance learning from Wednesday 18 March.
Stockholm University has followed this request, and until further notice, no education or examinations is conducted in the University's premises.

The university management also encourages all activities to enable employees to work from home, after consultation with the responsible manager. Any decisions made regarding local regulations in connection with education and or other activities at the University will be published on the University's website.

Will the premises on campus be closed?
From 18 March, the University’s premises on campus will be open only to employees, and all study areas will be closed until further notice. It will be possible to collect books ordered from the Stockholm University Library for a limited time each day, please see for more information

Which areas does Stockholm University advise against travel to?
Stockholm University recommends, in accordance with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, avoiding travel to all countries due to the consequences of the coronavirus. International business trips are not granted under present circumstances.

Will the University report any more cases of covid-19 infected students or staff?
Since Smittskydd Stockholm (Stockholm Disease Control) has ceased active infection detection of covid-19 cases, Stockholm University does not consider it realistic to be able to follow the infection protection situation to the same extent as before and will therefore not report more cases.

For students

Admitted students

Q&A on the coronavirus for newly admitted students


Will Stockholm University hold classes via distance learning?
From 18 March 2020, and until further notice, no education or examinations shall be conducted in the University's premises. Our overall goal is that courses and programmes should, as far as possible, be implemented as planned, but run remotely.

What happens with my course?
Contact your course coordinator.

My classes will be taught online, how will this affect my studies?
Distance learning has the same value as on-campus learning which means that the number of credits you will earn during the semester will not be affected if the study form changes from campus- to distance based. If you are a fee paying student the change of study form will not affect the level of the tuition fee. Please note that the situation changes rapidly and that it is possible that the study form changes back to campus based education.

I want to interrupt my studies due to the current situation and travel back to my home country, what can I do?
Anyone who intends to take a leave of studies from their studies on a programme or course at Stockholm University must report this to the responsible department and state the reasons for the leave. If approved, the applicant will be granted a return to studies after the approved leave of studies. It is important that the approved leave of studies is registered in Ladok by the responsible department. The decision of approval must specify the length of the leave period and allow the applicant to continue his or her studies upon return. Contact the department for more information about the leave of absence.

Please also find more general information at the Study in Sweden's updates on the coronavirus infection in Sweden.

What information is available for exchange students and/or students on Minor Field Studies (MFS)?
Find more information here.

Student loan and insurance

What happens to my student loan if my course / education cannot continue as planned remotely?
You will be able to keep your student finance from CSN. The Swedish government has made new decisions on what applies to you who have student loans in Sweden. The Swedish Board of Student Finance (CSN) has information on their website which you can access by clicking here.

I am currently studying abroad and the university where I study has shut down. How does this affect my student loan?
You will be able to keep your student finance from CSN if your school closes due to the Corona virus. Information in Swedish can be found on the website of CSN (the Swedish Board of Student Finance).

What does the FAS insurance for fee-paying students cover?
The FAS insurance cover all emergency medical and dental treatment that a student may seek in Sweden. The Insurance does not cover costs related to cancelled conferences, nor costs that may arise due to imposed quarantine. More information about student insurance.

Support and information

What tools are there to help me study from home?
You will find tips on tools you can use to study online here: How you can study from home.

Can I print somewhere at the University?
Students can use the printers in the Frescaty Library during library opening hours.

What happens to my note-taking support?
Note-taking support is given just as before/usual during the period of distance learning. The note-taker will still be compensated for his/her work by the Student Services.
Please check Studying with a disability for more information as well as contact information.


For employees


Distance learning/Online teaching

The Public Health Agency of Sweden says that everybody should work from home. What applies to Stockholm University?
The University follows the Agency’s recommendations which means that any employees who can work from home should, after consulting with their supervisor.

Where can I find support about working from home and information about online teaching?
On you will find support and tools for online teaching and working from home.

Can my manager order me to stay home?
Yes, your manager can order you to work at home. You and your manager will decide in dialogue what tasks you can perform. You will receive your salary as usual, if your manager decides that you should work from home.

My manager has ordered me to work from home, but I disagree. Can I go to work?
No, you must follow the decision of your manager.

Can you bring home office equipment, such as desktops, if you need to work at home for a longer period?
It can be possible if there is equipment you need. Contact your Head of department or manager, who is the one to make this decision.

The learning platform Athena seems to be unreliable, would it be possible to go back to using Mondo?
The performance of our learning platform Athena has been slightly shaky during the past weeks due to the increase in online teaching. Our supplier is increasing server capacity as soon as possible. Going back to using the previous learning platform Mondo is no alternative, Mondo has not been updated for a long time and there is no guarantee that Mondo will continue to function.
Capacity in the Athena learning platform

Is Zoom safe to use related to security and integrity?
There are a lot of functions in Zoom that you can choose to increase security and functionality for your meetings or lectures. More about Zoom and security

How much can I change the course for online teaching?
It is the responsibility of the course teacher to find appropriate teaching and examination forms. To the extent that deviations from the syllabus need to be made, for example with regard to new examination forms or alternatives to compulsory elements, these must be decided by the Head of each department. In the first instance, the University's teachers and department heads are asked to find alternative forms of teaching and examination, and secondly, the department may need to decide to postpone certain elements. Questions about courses or examinations should be answered by the teacher responsible for the course or director of studies at the individual department.

What applies to doctoral studies and dissertations?
More information here


Can the University stop my planned work-related trips?
Yes, all business trips must be approved by the nearest manager. International business trips are not granted under present circumstances, and only critical domestic travels are granted. What is considered business-critical travel is decided by the responsible manager. As from 9 March all business trips must be booked with rebookable or refundable tickets

Can the University as my employer stop my private trip?
No, the University cannot stop your private journey. The University advises staff and students not to travel abroad according to the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ advice against non-necessary trips abroad, see Sweden Abroad (in Swedish). In the case of private journeys, you should follow the law concerning citizen's liability, as stated in the Communicable Diseases Act:

How are international students affected?
Q&A on the coronavirus for newly admitted students

What happens to international recruitments?
Employees moving from abroad to start as an SU employee:
While there is a ban on many foreigners coming into Sweden, people with EU citizenship and those with permanent residency in Sweden can still enter. Practical problems with traveling can arise and each situation needs to be resolved case by case.
Questions and answers – temporary entry ban to the EU via Sweden
Information regarding the coronavirus (Swedish Migration Agency)

New applications for permanent residency:
The Swedish Migration Agency continues to handle applications as they normally do. See website for information.



Are there any new rules concerning sick leave?
Information on sick leave for the coronavirus

Who's currently registering regular mail?
The central registry of the University is still in service. Physical mail that is sent to Stockholm University’s Blom's house is registered and handled accordingly. Offices and departments must still have routines to file and administer inbound mail, i.e. someone needs to monitor and take care of it.

How should we deal with the disclosure of documents?
Stockholm University’s obligation to disclose documents and monitor e-mails applies as usual. If you experience difficulties in accessing documents from home, please contact IT or the registrar. As usual, the legal function gives support regarding confidentiality assessment.

What applies to me as an invigilator at a cancelled classroom examination?
Due to the fact that several departments have cancelled classroom examinations, the question of salary payment to already booked invigilators has arisen. If there are scheduled work shifts that you, as an employee, have accepted to do, then you have entered into a binding employment contract. The same applies if you have verbally agreed to work at a particular examination shift. This means that you have the right to be compensated even if the shift is cancelled.

What happens if my department has additional costs due to the coronavirus?
Each department is responsible for their own costs, like in other unforeseen events.

How do I plan summer holidays?
Wait to make a decision about holiday time until you have a complete picture of what duties will need to be performed during the summer. This summer it’s especially important to plan teachers’ holidays with respect to the needs of the university.


Booking of premises

What applies when my department/office has now switched to distance learning and central teaching rooms need to be cancelled in the schedule?

Booked central lecture halls will be charged rent according to the booking schedule of 17 March. However, the future schedule may be changed to reflect the new situation: In TimeEdit there is now a virtual room called "Distansundervisning (distance learning) - see Athena" that can be used in the schedule to replace existing physical premises, and a teaching type called "På distans via Zoom (Online via Zoom)" to add to the schedule bookings.

What if external groups want to cancel events at the university's premises?
Regular cancellation policy applies.