About the subject

Chemistry is so much more than balancing reaction formulas. Chemistry is the subject that extends from the world of atoms and how you can put them together to the chemistry that controls all life.

Whether it's about sustainable development or cure for diseases, a backpack full of chemistry is just what you need. The Chemistry Section offers you a journey through physical, inorganic, organic bio-, neuro- and analytical chemistry. The chemistry courses we offer are filled with interesting lectures and fun labs.

If you choose to enrol in our Bachelor's program you will also study mathematics, data management and research methodology. During the course of the program you will develop skills in project planning and improve your ability to record information, analyse, summarize and present it. The chemistry program ends with a research project performed at a university or at a company in Sweden or abroad.

Our Master's programs are designed for those who want to deepen their knowledge within a specific chemistry area. You will study intensely for two years under the guidance of prominent researchers at one of our Chemistry departments. The education is based on your theoretical and practical knowledge and takes you to the absolute forefront of chemistry. The master's programs conclude with a longer research project either within academia or industry in Sweden or abroad.

Career opportunities

Chemists are spread all over the community. Depending on the kind of chemistry you choose to immerse yourself in, you can work with everything from developing the next sustainable energy source to the production of biological drugs or risk assessments of cosmetics. Chemists assess risks, invent, create, spread knowledge and save the world. Our courses provide you with chemical knowledge, ability to explain what you do and tools to analyse and solve problems. The job market looks bright and the demand for chemists will increase over the next few years.

Courses and programmes