Computer Science

About the subject

Computer Science is the science and art of writing efficient, correct, and user friendly programs for computers. Knowledge in Mathematics is the solid base to interesting jobs for a computer scientist. As a computer scientist you deal with all kinds of computer related problems. New areas of work also constantly arise in the IT society.

Computer Science is something for you who like Mathematics and to figure things out. Studies in Computer Science are based on Mathematics, where your logical thinking is trained. With the support of Mathematics you also become a good computer scientist. You will gain wide-ranging competence through basic Computer Science, together with courses in Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics.

The courses in Computer Science usually contain many practical exercises, in groups or individually. In addition to programming, in several different programming languages, you read courses on e.g. various programming paradigms, database management, and algorithms and complexity. You can also deepen your knowledge in Computer Science with courses on e.g. software design, functional programming and machine learning. Some courses are given in collaboration with KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

Career opportunities

The knowledge and information society has a large need for people with expert knowledge of Computer Science. You find computer scientists in all labor sectors. They work in developing and in the consulting business, within the private as well as the public sector, and also with research and education in both industry and academy. As a computer scientist you cooperate with many other disciplines, interprets the complex problems to be solved and convert them to code.

Courses and programmes


A bachelor’s degree in Computer Science can only be obtained through enrolment in the bachelor program listed under Educations within the subject

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