About the subject

The educational subject is a broad subject area that suits you who are interested in different aspects of knowledge, as well as learning, education, communication and socialization processes and their effects. Studies in education give you knowledge about and increase your understanding of how people are formed, developed and affected in different environments. Knowledge in pedagogy is relevant for education, working life and health and care.

In English, the department offers a master's program in education with an international and comparative specialisation. The program aims at providing better understanding and skills in analysing learning and educational phenomena in different societies and cultures, and at providing a holistic perspective on learning, teaching and education. You acquire a transdisciplinarity developed from the theory of social sciences, with a focus on comparison from international and transcultural perspectives where issues related to development are also given particular importance. The overall aim is to provide knowledge within the field of international and comparative education.

Career opportunities

Students who have graduated from us work with, for example, educational issues in different types of organizations, both national and international, and both in the public sector and within NGOs. We have students working on issues related to education planning, policy and investigation. Some work on international issues in higher education and others have moved on to postgraduate education.

Courses and programmes


For a bachelor’s degree in Education you can choose to study individual courses or join one of the bachelor’s programmes listed under Educations within the subject.

The bachelor’s degree in Education is only offered in Swedish.

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A master’s degree in Education with an international and comparative specialisation can only be obtained through enrolment in the master program listed under Educations within the subject.

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