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We offer courses in Swedish Sign Language for beginners, Sign Language Linguistics, and Swedish as a second language for the deaf. All courses are offered in Swedish Sign Language and Swedish, and requires documented proficiency in Swedish Sign Language and Swedish. Please see the Swedish course pages for more information.

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Research on sign language at the Department of Linguistics began in 1972. Today, two overlapping areas are studied: Swedish Sign Language, one of Sweden's minority languages, and sign language linguistics. Our research is focused on sign language corpora, child sign language development, and sign language from both bilingual and didactic perspectives. Current efforts also include the development of a publicly available sign language lexicon.

Our research on Swedish as a second language for the deaf concerns questions about deaf language learners in general, and deaf Swedish language learners in particular. For example, we study similarities and differences between deaf and hearing second language learners. We are also interested in issues regarding the need for bilingualism that the deaf and hard of hearing have in different situations.