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Deferral of study commencement

If there are exceptional circumstances, a student accepted onto an undergraduate or master's degree course may defer the commencement of their studies.

Study deferrals are granted, in the first instance, for studies of longer duration, such as study programmes. In exceptional cases deferral of course commencement may be granted. Study deferrals may be granted, however, for courses that require studies of at least 30 credits on the grounds of national service or civil defence duties. 

In the regulations of the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education, it is stated that the reasons for deferral may entail social, medical or other particular circumstances, e.g. care of child, military service, student union assignments, denied leave of absence for studies from your employer.  

The applicant must him or herself apply for deferral and verify the reason for the deferral by providing documentation such as a doctor's certificate, child's birth certificate, call-up papers or an employer's letter stating that the applicant has not been granted a leave of absence. Deferrals are normally granted until the commencement of the next academic semester, or academic year if the programme only starts once a year, but deferrals may be granted for up to three academic semesters.

Deferral of studies with regards to the coronavirus pandemic

Applications for deferral are assessed individually and are always based on the reason for the application. A generic reference to the coronavirus pandemic is not in itself a ground for deferral. 

Tuition fee paying students

A student who is a citizen of a country outside of the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland that does not meet one of the criteria for exemption of tuition fee must first have paid the tuition fee in order to be granted deferral of study commencement. 


How to apply for deferral

The application should either be submitted by surface mail to Student Services, Admissions Office, Stockholm University, SE-106 91, Stockholm, Sweden, or be sent by email to with the certificates attached. 

If deferral is not granted

Students who are not granted a deferral and who are unable to commence their studies are recommended to decline the offered seat. Declining the offered seat will not affect the student’s chances of being admitted again in future admission rounds.


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