The spring term begins January 15, 2018 and ends June 3, 2018.

Start of term checklist

1. Activate your University account (available from August 10) and order your University card by retrieving a one-time code at Infocenter, located in Studenthuset, Universitetsvägen 2B. Remember to bring a photo ID!
In some cases this will not be necessary. Those students will receive information from the respective departments.

If you have a Swedish personal identity number (“personnummer”) and have used when applying, you can use our webservice:

2. Register at your department in person or, if webbregistration is possible for the course you are going to study, online on My studies or through

3. If you would like to, you can join one of the three student unions at Stockholm University.

Interim personal identity number

All international and exchange students are provided with a registration number from the department. It is called a P, T or R number and is a fictive number for use within Stockholm University’s database where your courses and credits are documented. You can not use the P, T or R number outside of the University.

The university card and account

To be able to borrow books from the university library or to use the copying, printing and scanning services you will need a university card. For access to the network and computers you need a university account. The university account gives you access to:

My University

Visit the University’s student portal at for access to email or to register for exams, edit your contact information, view your grades and store course certificates and course registration documents.


The lecturer and student platform is at: You can use this to communicate with lecturers and friends in your course, download and upload assignments and view information about timetable changes.

Student computers and the wireless network

Use your university account to log in to the computers in any of the computer labs at Frescati. You can also access the internet by using your own computer and the wireless network available at several sites throughout the campus. Both alternatives allow you to use our printing services Printomat.

Library services

With your university account and card you can access all the library’s resources: find information, borrow litterature, renew your loans, use e-resources from home, request books that are out on loan, book group rooms, etc. Access the library services at

Infocenter, Studenthuset

On the entrance floor in Studenthuset you will find Infocenter where you can get further help on whom to contact about your matter. For more information about Infocenter and their opening hours see the following website: Studenthuset is located at Universitetsvägen 2B, near to Södra huset building A.

IT Support

You can get answers to your IT-related questions by visiting: or contact Helpdesk by sending an email to:, or phone: 08-16 19 99.

Student Unions

The purpose of a student union is to represent the common interests of students. The most important assignment of a student union is to guarantee that students are able to influence their education, but student unions also have a major role in the social aspects of university life. Stockholm University has three student unions, one large and two departmental student unions.

Stockholm University Student Union (SUS)

Amongst other employees at SUS you will find student governance officers, an educational environment advocacy secretary, a PhD student ombudsman and student ombudsmen who can help you with anything from influencing your education to supporting and assisting students who feel they have been treated wrongly or unjustly. The Student Union also employs International Student Coordinators, who are an extra support service for international and exchange students. In addition, SUS organizes student associations and clubs and publishes a student magazine called Gaudeamus. A student union membership entitles you to student discounts on everything from course textbooks to lunch, public transportation and gym facilities. Union membership also entitles you to apply for accommodation through SSSB, which administers more than 8,000 student rooms and apartments in Stockholm. As a Student Union member you get a student identification card Campuskortet. For more information about the Stockholm University Student Union please visit:

The Student Union for Social Work in Stockholm (SSAS)

Read more at:

The Student Union at the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences (DISK)

Read more at:

The Stockholm University Library

On the university library website you will find all you need to know about borrowing books and electronic resources and services offered by the main library and the nine branch libraries. The main library is located at Frescati and is connected to the Södra huset building.

Public transport to Stockholm University

Frescati campus

Underground station Universitetet (on the Mörby Centrum red line). Bus 40, 70, 540, 608, 670 the university stops are Universitetet Södra and Universitetet Norra.

Download the app Stockholm University guide

Stockholm University guide contains a map to make it easier for you to find your way around the university campus. In the app, you will also find links to student services and information that is important to you as a student. Download the app by visiting any of the links (please note that the app is in Swedish):
- For iPhone:
- For Android:

Orientation Day

Date: January 15 2018, 5 pm – 8.45 pm

Venue: Aula Magna, Frescati
For details go to: