Children's Culture

Within the interdisciplinary subject of Children's Culture you will study aesthetic expressions such as literature, music, dance, theater, film and TV for children. Various kinds of digital media, consumption, cultural policy, children’s play and peer culture are also important areas of study as are the rights of the child.

Upon completion, the courses in Children’s Culture will have helped you develop theoretical and methodical tools for a qualified study of aesthetic and cultural practices within the field. As a subject, Children’s Culture is closely connected with child cultural practices and research in a broad sense.

During your studies you will perform field work. Through study visits you will take part in and analyze ongoing activities within the field, in arenas such as museums and performing arts. You will also meet active researchers from a broad spectrum of disciplines within both social sciences and the humanities.

Studies in Children’s Culture allows you to develop your critical and analytical skills, improve your communication ability, expand broad and deepen your knowledge of the cultural conditions of children and child culture, and also acquire a deeper insight into today’s cultural and artistic life aimed at younger audiences.

Career opportunities

Students who have studied child culture often work within the sector in a broad sense, as in regional or municipal administration and organizations. Others work as artistic producers or instructors within museums, arts, libraries and so on. Some are active as artistic practitioners, illustrators or writers, for instance.

Some have continued on in postgraduate education in related subjects. There are also students who study children's culture to promote education within areas such as teaching or journalism.

Courses and programmes


To receive a bachelor's degree in children's culture you can either read independent courses or the following program:

  • Cultural Studies Program


The Centre for the Studies of Children's Culture has no doctoral education.