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Build your professional network while doing your master thesis project

A master thesis project can be an excellent chance to network and establish business contacts. Our study and career counsellors want to encourage students to make more use of this opportunity.

Collaborating with prospective future employers when writing your master thesis could lead to useful contacts within the professional realm. Even if you are writing a purely theoretical thesis it is often possible to include empirical parts. When carrying out interviews or collecting data for field and/or case studies you are likely to meet people who could become part of your business network.


Write your thesis in collaboration with an external partner

Some students write their master thesis in collaboration with a company, a public authority or organization for whom they examine a specific issue. This is often beneficial for both parties, and the external partner (who might also be a prospective employer) is likely to be positive and helpful as they will get access to the results of the project and perhaps see the chance to recruit a new member of staff.

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How do I find external partners and topics for my master thesis project?

At Stockholm University’s careers portal MyCareer, you will find a wide range of suggested topics from prospective partners. Sometimes you can also find topics and information for students on the company’s or organization’s website.

Another alternative is to contact a prospective partner yourself to present your ideas or ask if they have any issues they would like to have examined. It is also a good idea to talk to your department – your teacher, tutor or study and career counsellor might be able to give you advice or share contacts.

  • Start in time!
    Finding the right partner and convincing them to collaborate with you could take time so it’s wise to start looking well before your thesis term begins.
  • The academic requirements have to be met
    Your main constituent is Stockholm University which means that the academic requirements supersede the requests of the external partner. Before you start your thesis your topic needs to be approved by your academic tutor.
  • Write your thesis towards the end of your studies
    A master thesis project gives you opportunities to network and establish contacts. If you study freestanding courses and make your own study plan it is strategic to write your thesis towards the end of your studies, just before you go out job hunting.


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