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Seize the opportunity and create your own future!

There are a number of strategies that can be useful when you choose which course or programme to study, strategies to bear in mind during your study period and strategies for when you are about to enter the job market.

On this page our study and career counsellors share some of their tips about how to create your own future and be open to opportunities. Why not start by watching a short film where Aysha offers advice on how to find a career in Sweden?




Be curious!

With a curious attitude you can acquire knowledge that helps you make conscious choices. A conscious choice based on your own interests and values enhances the quality of your education. Once you’ve chosen what course or programme to study there is a lot to be gained by having an open attitude to knowledge and possibilities.

A student visits a study and career counsellor.
Photo: Jens Olof Lasthein

"Which courses and programmes will give me a job?"

Many students want to know whether a certain course or programme will lead to a job. While it is true that the job market can be more or less favourable for certain courses and programmes, it is often difficult to give a clear answer. What makes you stand out on the job market is a combination of your education and experience within a certain area, as well as other factors. This includes work experience, studies abroad, language skills, hobbies and, last but not least, your personality.
Make use of all possibilities during your studies. This will make you well prepared for the job market.


Build your professional network while doing your master thesis project

A master thesis project can be an excellent chance to network and establish business contacts. Our study and career counsellors want to encourage students to make more use of this opportunity.

Build your professional network while doing your master thesis project


Tips for networking and job hunting

If you are unsure about what to study you could contact professionals within the areas that interest you. Ask them to tell you about their job and how the industry works!

• Use essays, projects and theses to examine subjects that interest you. This also provides a great chance to visit a prospective workplace and meet future colleagues – for instance by writing your thesis in collaboration with a company or an organization. 

• Get connected! You could join a student organization, help to organize an event, accept a commission of trust or become a volunteer. That way you can gain knowledge and experience while networking and having fun!

• International experience and language skills are great assets when you are job hunting. Take the chance to do part of your education as an exchange student abroad.

• Get in touch with alumni. Previous students can inspire you and share valuable experiences. Already as a student you can join the university’s alumni network, as soon as you have completed a course at Stockholm University.

• Extra jobs and internships are great for your CV and can help you establish useful contacts.

Happy job hunting!


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