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University support for innovation and business ideas

Do you want to learn more about innovation and entrepreneurship? Have you come up with a great idea? At Stockholm University, we are able to support you.


Inspirational activities

If you have a more general interest in issues related to innovation, entrepreneurship or the development of ideas, you will find a variety of inspirational activities and events arranged regularly for students at SU. Activities could be lunch seminars and lectures, workshops, competitions, hackathons, etc.

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Drivhuset Stockholm


Stockholm University provides students with innovation support through a unique collaboration with the organization Drivhuset.
Drivhuset can help you to get started with your idea and to help you set up the development and innovation process.

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Business development

Drivhuset’s program for business development is specially setup for is you who have an idea that has the potential to develop into an innovation or a new Startup. 
The programme starts with a general discussion around your idea combined with advice on how to get the idea further. The focus will be on the market and future customers. If the idea turn out to be sustainable, you have the possibility to continue with an application to Drivhuset’s pre-incubator.


The pre-incubator gives you the opportunity to develop and concretize your idea together with other entrepreneurs. This may include developing the technology or service, creating a working prototype or building an effective team. In parallel, work continues to map and analyze the market. All participants in the pre-incubator are offered free workplaces and meeting-rooms for four months. There is also a possibility to get some early funding for developing the idea available.
This is included in the business development program and pre-incubator:

  • Advice and support
  • Structured process
  • Business Support
  • Workshops, seminars and co-working
  • Workplace in villa Bellona
  • Financial support in the form of expertise.

Do you want to learn more about how to apply for the business development programme?

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As a student at SU the organization Drivhuset gives you access to the digital portal Bli-Entreprenör. The portal contains business-friendly training in how to sharpen your entrepreneurial skills and thereby your idea. The training modules are short and have a practical focus and gives you a valuable complement to your meeting with Drivhuset’s business advisers.

Read more about Bli-Entreprenör (in Swedish)


Stockholm University is one of the member schools of the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship SSES. SSES offers a variety of academic courses and programmes related to entrepreneurship. Together with students from Royal Institute of Technology KTH, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm School of Economics and Konstfack (University of Arts, Crafts and Design) you can learn about subjects like ideation, running your own company or social entrepreneurship.

The programmes, which will give you academic credits, are open for most students at SU. Check with your student counsellor to see if you are qualified to apply.

Read more about SSES

Stockholm University is one of the founding partners of Openlab. Openlab are experts in challenge driven innovation in the Stockholm region and offer Design Thinking education on advanced level for SU-students among others. 
In Openlab's courses you work in interdisciplinary teams with cases from Openlab's public partners using hands on exercises and creative tools.

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