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University support for innovation and business ideas

Have you come up with a great idea? Perhaps something that you think could be done better or differently. At Stockholm University we have developed a support system that can assist you.

From spring 2018 you will find the organization Drivhuset on SU Campus. Drivhuset offers students at SU hands-on advice and guidance when it comes to ideas, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Through Drivhuset you can get help to getting started with your idea and setting up the development and innovation process. Drivhuset can also help you to find valuable sources and actors that can support you on your entrepreneurial journey. Drivhuset does not evaluate your business ideas in commercial terms, but instead gives you the right tools to confirm your idea at the earliest possible stage.

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Drivhuset works in close collaboration with the Innovation Office, the university's central function for issues relating to innovation and commercialization. You are welcome to contact the Innovation Office if you have more general questions about innovation or regarding what applies to you as a student at SU. 

The SU Incubator is an inspiring and supportive environment if you have a business idea and are about to start a business. If you are accepted to the incubator program you may get access to a free workplace in the Incubator for up to one year.

Together with other entrepreneurs, you will also get access to regularly business development and support. The Incubator is run by SU Holding – a company closely linked to the university. You apply to the Incubator and the Incubator program by contacting the Innovation Office.

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If you have a more general interest in issues related to innovation, entrepreneurship or the development of ideas, you will find a variety of inspirational activities and events arranged regularly for students at SU. Activities could be lunch seminars and lectures, workshops, competitions, hackathons, etc.

One example is Venture Cup – a nationwide Business Idea Competition partly organized by Stockholm University. The annual competition is open to all students at Stockholm University. Venture Cup also stimulates entrepreneurship by connecting people with ideas to experts and the "crowd", to ignite the creation of new businesses and empower the growth of Sweden.

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Stockholm University's collaboration partner Drivhuset organises seminars and activities at the University, among other places. See the following link for updated programme:

Drivhuset Stockholm

The Innovation Office at Stockholm University regularly produces a newsletter on the topic of Innovation. Please sign up for the newsletter if you want to learn more about what is going on at SU. The newsletter is published a few times every semester.

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Stockholm University is one of the member schools of the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship SSES. SSES offers a variety of academic courses and programs related to entrepreneurship. Together with students from Royal Institute of Technology KTH, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm School of Economics and Konstfack (University of Arts, Crafts and Design) you can learn about subjects like ideation, running your own company or social entrepreneurship.

The programs, which will give you academic credits, are open for most students at SU. Check with your student counselor to see if you are qualified to apply. 

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Stockholm University is one of the founding partners of Openlab. Openlab are experts in challenge driven innovation in the Stockholm region and offer Design Thinking education on advanced level for SU-students among others. 

In Openlab's courses you work in interdisciplinary teams with cases from Openlab's public partners using hands on exercises and creative tools.

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