The ICAL Programme is highly recognized internationally, and it is considered the best Master of Laws in International Commercial Arbitration by the Global Arbitration Review. Its teaching method is very dynamic, which provides the students with a comprehensive view of arbitration. If you have any questions, email me, and I will do my best to answer.

Today I work as Secretary General of AmCham Brazil Arbitration and Mediation Center in Brazil.



I studied the Master’s Programme in International Commercial Arbitration Law at the Department of Law.


Questions and Answers

Is arbitration in demand?

Question: Hi there I have masters in oil and gas law. Would like to do a PhD in dispute resolution/arbitration. Busy writing a PhD research proposal. You think is a good idea. Any info you can provide to help me prepapre a proposa. Is arbitration in demand?

Answer: Congratulations on your master in oil and gas law! Absolutely - I think that arbitration is on demand, especially when related to oil and gas disputes. 

Stockholm University offers an LL.M. (Master of Laws) in International Commercial Arbitration Law. It is called the ICAL Program, from which I have graduated in 2016. I am afraid I cannot help you with specific information about PhD Programs at Stockholm University. All I can say is that the Department of Law, and the arbitration researchers, are extremely qualified and recognized. I hope you can find more information in this area of the website:

In any case, do not hesitate in contacting me should you have any further questions, especially questions about studying at SU and living in Stockholm. Kind regards, Carolina

Job oppourtunities in Europe

Question: Hello! Will an LLM in ICAL from SU help secure a job in ICA in Europe?

Answer: I cannot assure you that the Program will help you secure a job in Europe, because finding a job depends upon various factors: your educational background, where you are licensed to practice law, the existence of job opportunities, specific requirements firms are looking for etc. What I can assure you, though, is that the Program will offer you an excellent basis (theoretical and practical) for you to pursue you career in International Commercial Arbitration. Please, do not hesitate in contacting me should you have any further questions, especially questions about studying at SU and living in Stockholm. Kinds regards, Carolina.

Accomodation in Sweden

Question: I would like to know more about life here and the conditions for settling in and living there.

Answer: What would you like to know about life in Stockholm? It will be my pleasure to help. Finding accommodation can be challenging in Stockholm, so you have to be careful with second hand contracts. If you are studying at SU, the department can try to offer you some guidance. Sometimes it is possible to live in a student accommodation - you would have to confirm this within the department or at SSSB:

Kind regards, Carolina