One of the reasons that I chose to study Statistics is because that Statistics provides you with useful tools in quantitative analysis when you want to extract information from a large amount of data. It is not only important for everyone to have a fundamental understanding of statistics, which helps you to make sense of your everyday life in figures, but it is also useful to combine statistics with other fields, such as finance, medical studies, marketing, consumer goods and so on.

Today I work part time as a Teacher at the Department of Statistics at Stockholm University.


I studied the Master’s Programme in Statistics at the Department of Statistics.



Question and Answers

Selection criteria

Question: Hello Bing,Please do you have an idea of the selection criteria into the statistics master programme because i really want to study at Stockholm University in autumn 2018. Thanks

Answer: Hi Philomina! How nice that you are interested in the Master program in Statistics at Stockholm University!  The general requirements for the Master program is that the applicant has a Bachelor's degree in statistics, certificate for English as well as supporting documents such as letters of recommendation and academic test scores. Please find details about the admission and application procedure in the following website:

Good luck! Best wishes, Bing Li.

Job opportunities after degree?

Question: I want to know about the job status among foreign students who graduated Statistics master's degree at Stockholm University. Are there any opportunities for foreign students to get a job in Sweden with Statistics master's degree from Stockholm U?

Answer: It´s a good question you asked! There are many jobs for people who have a Statistics background in Sweden, and the demand for Statistians are increasing rapidly as many industries have been focusing on the importance of Statistical analysis. If people know Swedish, they will have an advantage of choice for jobs, but for international students, they still have many job opportunities in internatial companies in Sweden. I hope this answer can help you to make a right decision! Best wishes, Bing.

Scholarship opportunities

Question: I am graduate of Bsc (Statistics and Programming) from Kenyatta University in Kenya. Can I get a scholarship to undertake a masters in Statistics at your University?

Answer: Thank you for your question. Unfortunately I am not sure about this question, but I suggest that you can contact the student counselor, Jenny Rosen. She may know the related information. Here is her email address: Good luck!

Is GMAT och GRE required for the programme?

Question: Do we require GMAT or GRE to do this program?

Answer: No, it´s not required to have GMAT or GRE, but they accept one of the following tests for international students: IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge Michigan Language Assessments, Pearson PTE Academic or Cambridge English Language Assessment. Please find more information in the below link: