Manon Quiros and Maxime Lavand are two international students from Bordeaux in France and they both study physics at Stockholm University.

What Manon likes best about Stockholm is its size. “I like that it’s like a big small town. It’s really cozy, but it is still like a capital city”, she says. She points out how much she appreciates the many green forests and parks in Stockholm. “It’s like they have left the nature as it is, but have just put on top of it some buildings where buildings needed to be placed. So the nature is not tamed at all and I think that is very good.”

The reason why Manon chose to study at Stockholm University was because it was ranked the best student city in the Nordic countries on the QS Best Student Cities 2016.

In order to continue in the field of physics in the future, Maxime needs to gain more knowledge in both theoretical and applied physics. At Stockholm University's Department of Physics Maxime is able to study both. What he likes best about Stockholm is that it is very easy to get around by bike. “There are roads for bikes everywhere. And it’s very enjoyable to be able to go everywhere.”

For her future, Manon wants to specialize either in theoretical physics or environmental science. “My dream job would be to be a researcher”, she says. Maxime plans to pursue a PhD in France after finishing his Master in Stockholm. And just like Manon, his dream job is to be a researcher.