Apply for the UNICA Student Conference, Lisbon, June 28 - July 1, 2020

Would you like to attend the UNICA Student Conference in Lisbon? As a student at Stockholm University, you have the opportunity to attend an international student conference. During the conference, you get to meet and collaborate with students from different countries, cultures and backgrounds.

Topic: "Dream your University in the capital city"

When: June 28 - July 1, 2020
Where: Lisbon, Portugal
Last application date: January 10, 2020

Organizing university: NOVA University Lisbon:

Both NOVA Univeristy Lisbon and Stockholm University are members of UNICA, an international network for universities in European capitals. See below for more information about the network.

How many can go?
Ten students from Stockholm University (300 students will participate in the conference in total).

The main theme is "Dream your University in the capital city".
Topics which will be addressed are:

  1. Science in the city
  2. Equal, diverse and inclusive universities & cities
  3. Europe's position in world politics
  4. Social media and European societies
  5. How can Universities contribute to making our cities greener?
  6. The role of international students in the city
  7. How can universities and cities work together to improve students' lives?
  8. Formal and informal learning: new pedagogical approaches
  9. Challenges and opportunities of inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary education
  10. Jobs in the digital age: the role of Universities and cities

Topics for discussion, UNICA Student Conference 2020 (619 Kb)

In order to apply, you must at least be in your fourth semester as a student at Stockholm University during the spring term of 2020.
You must also have at least 90 credits registered in Ladok at the time of application.


Application deadline: 10 January, 2020

In your application you need to upload the following documents:

  • Letter of motivation in English (max. One A4)

Motivate why you want to attend the conference, which of the ten topics are you most interested in, how and with which knowledge you can contribute during the conference.

  • CV in English (max one A4)

Your motives for attending the conference are important when selecting participants. Motivate why you want to attend the conference, which of the ten topics you are most interested in, how and with which knowledge you can contribute during the conference.
We strive for an even gender distribution and distribution among different subject areas of the participants.

Food and accommodation are paid for by UNICA. Stockholm University is responsible for travel expenses.

If you are selected, some preparation will be required by you, through various network meetings / tasks during the spring term 2020. You will individually write a two-page paper and the entire delegation together will produce a short video. During the conference you are expected to be active, able to formulate and express your opinions and recommendations in English.

For detailed instructions, see  Documents to be submitted by the Students (423 Kb) .


Contact Mascha Schepers at the International Mobility Group at

What is UNICA?

"UNICA is an institutional network of 51 universities from 37 capital cities of Europe, combining over 160,000 staff and 1,900,000 students"
You can read more about the network on the following link: 

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