How to apply for Minor Field Studies (MFS)

Before applying, it is important that you read the admission requirements carefully.

Below, you will find some useful information to know before you apply.

  • The essay or degree project in which your MFS study results, must be written in English or the official language of the host country (if this is approved by the director of studies).
  • It is beneficial to have some knowledge of the Swedish language, as Sida's regulations are only available in Swedish.
  • Your MFS studies should be at least eight consecutive weeks (56 days) and no more than 26 weeks. This includes date of departure from Sweden until date of departure from your MFS host country.
  • MFS studies can only be conducted in one approved host country.
  • The field study should relate to one of the Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030.
  • It is common and recommended that two students travel and write the paper together. Keep in mind that all MFS applications are individual, which means that if two students write a degree project together, they must apply individually. The paper is also assessed individually. Clearly outline in the project description who will be doing what in the field studies project.
  • Having conducted studies or volunteer work in developing countries is no obstacle to obtaining a scholarship.
  • Contact your department's MFS contact (usually the International Coordinator) and ask if there are any specific requirements for your particular programme or course.
  • Some countries require research permits for an MFS study and it may take time to apply and receive this.

Please also remember that the processing of an application takes up to four weeks and that you need to attend a compulsory MFS preparation course organised by Sida in Härnösand before departure. You cannot register for the course before you have been approved a scholarship.

Sida's MFS course registration system

Stockholm University does not accept applications from students from other universities. Please refer to the Swedish Council for Higher Education.

It is important that you do not apply last minute. Preparations for an MFS can be extensive and your chance of a successful application increases if you start planning and preparing well in advance. Note that the earliest date to begin your field studies is two months after the last application date.

  1. Contact the MFS contact at your department (usually the International Coordinator) to get information on how they cooperate with MFS.
  2. Attend an information meeting about MFS (by Student Services).
  3. Think about your project plan and the feasibility of your project based on the following: 
    1. What am I doing?
    2. Where should I do it
    3. When should I do it?
    4. How should I do it?
    5. Who can help me/what contacts do I have in the host country?
  4. Contact your supervisor
  5. Contact a person within the field in the host country

Fill out the application form in Stockholm University's MFS portal (must be in English):

Link to the application form in the MFS portal

Please note that the application form is only available during the application periods. Your SU-ID is your login to the application portal, and you can save and return to your initiated application during the entire application period.

Current deadline: 5 January 2020 until 23:59 (11.59 pm)

The following documents should be attached in your application:

  • Project description which primarily forms the basis of the application. It must be no more than four pages (excluding reference list) and written in English. If two students are writing an essay together, it must be stated in the project description.  MFS Project description (51 Kb)
  • Budget outline, for example including travel expenses, printing costs, vaccinations, daily expenses based on the cost of living in the country in question and more.  MFS Budget plan (157 Kb)
  • Personal statement describing why you want to do an MFS study (no more than one page).
  • Confirmation from the supervisor at Stockholm University (email/certificate or equivalent) that certifies the suitability of the study and that they will be your supervisor. If you do not have a supervisor at the time of application, a certificate from the department supporting the application is required.
  • Confirmation from the contact in the field (formal invitation or certificate/contract such as an email exchange) showing there is a contact in the country to assist you.
  • National results certificate or excerpt from Ladok (ordered at Ladok for students).
  • Copy of passport or equivalent confirming citizenship. If you are not a Swedish citizen, you must enclose your permanent residence permit. If you are a citizen of another Nordic country, you must enclose a certificate from Skatteverket certifying that you have been registered in Sweden for at least 12 months.

Processing of personal data

In order to carry out the assignments that Stockholm University is responsible for, we need to process personal data.

MFS and personal data (344 Kb)

If you have any questions regarding the MFS scholarship programme, please contact Student Services' MFS coordinator via

If you have questions concerning the project itself, contact the member of staff responsible for MFS at your department. Usually, this is the exchange coordinator.

Departmental international coordinators


During your studies