Erasmus+ scholarships

All Stockholm University students going on an exchange through Erasmus+ are awarded a scholarship. You may apply for this as soon as the partner university has accepted your application.

On this page, you will find information useful information if you have received a Erasmus+ nomination from you department.

Group Countries Euro (€) per day
Group 1
Countries with high living expenses
Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, the United Kingdom 15.30
Group 2
Countries with medium-level living expenses
Belgium, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Austria 13.30
Group 3
Countries with low living expenses
Bulgaria, Estonia, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Northern Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Turkey, Hungary 13.30

According to the figures of the academic years of 2019/20 set by the Swedish Council for Higher Education.

The scholarship payment is made twice:

  1. The first payment is made at the beginning of your exchange. This amounts to 70 percent of your planned scholarship.
  2. The remaining sum is disbursed after your return. You need to submit an attendance certificate confirming the exact dates of your exchange (see below). The final amount may then be adjusted, based on possible changes in the length of the exchange.

Students going on an Erasmus exchange during the spring semester 2020, who submit a complete application before applications close, will receive the first payment of the scholarship at the end of February, at the earliest. If your application is not complete or submitted late, you will be in the next payment round of March or later.

If you have children that will accompany you to the country of your exchange, you may apply for an additional EUR 200 per month.

Contact the coordinator at your department to learn more about this application

If you have a disability which entails extra expenses during your exchange, you may apply to have these expenses covered up to 100 per cent. Expenses may include transportation, teaching aids, special accommodation, assistants, or medical assistance in the country of your host university.

Click here to access a checklist for Erasmus students with a disability

For more information about this application, contact the coordinator of your department

Before your exchange

Below, you will find important information about your exchange.

Deadline is 6th of December 2019.

Application Instructions for Outgoing Erasmus+ students 2020 (975 Kb)

Create an account in the Erasmus+ Grant Application Portal 2019/20

Apply by filling out the Erasmus+ SMS Studies Grant Form - 2019/20

In the online form, you must upload a Letter of Acceptance or equivalent from your partner university. The document should include start and end dates of your exchange. The start date is the first day you attend the host university, that is, the day of the first course, a welcome event, or a language course. The end date is the last day you attend the host institution for studies, such as the last day of the course or the last day of an examination period (excluding re-takes of exams). If the dates are not stated in the Letter of Acceptance, please attach a document showing them, for example a screenshot of an email or your academic calendar.

If you have not received your formal Letter of Acceptance before the application closes, submit your application without this. You may upload a provisional document stating that you are waiting to receive your letter. The Erasmus officer will then inform you that you must complete your application before a specified deadline.

Please contact as soon as possible if you experience technical problems when filling out the online form.

Before your exchange, you must have set up a Learning Agreement. The agreement will indicate which courses you will take and be transferred for credits after returning home. You, your home department and the host institution must sign the document before the exchange begins (may be electronic signatures or scanned document). Upload it to the Erasmus+ Grant Application Portal 2019/20.

Erasmus+: Guidelines on how to use the Learning Agreement for Studies (871 Kb)

You may also wish to watch the video made by EUR Ireland (the Irish equivalent of the Swedish Council for Higher Education) to help their students filling out a Learning Agreement. The template designed for Stockholm University differs slightly from the Irish, but the principles are the same. Please direct any questions you may have to Stockholm University.

All students going on exchange studies through Erasmus+ must complete a language test in the main language of the host country/institution (done in the Online Linguistic Support system, OLS). The link to the first language test is sent out via email a few weeks before the exchange begins.

Click here to read more about language test for outgoing Erasmus students

After completing the online form and submitting a complete application, you will receive an Erasmus+ Grant Agreement contract via email. If you apply in time, meet the admission requirements and submit a complete application, you can expect to receive the contract in July (prior to the autumn semester) or December (prior to the spring semester).

  • Read your Grant Agreement carefully.
  • Print the Grant Agreement.
  • Sign the contract (If you sign online it must be a proper online signature and not a "copy/paste" one).
  • Scan the contract and upload it to the Erasmus+ Grant Application Portal 2019/20.
  • At this point, you are the only one who must sign the contract. The Erasmus officer will sign once you upload it to the portal.

The contract must be signed and uploaded before the exchange begins. If there is no signed contract, no scholarship payments are made.

If you have a Swedish bank account, social security number, and address:

To have the scholarship payment made to your Swedish bank account (regardless of bank), you must register your account details with Danske Bank. To do this, you must have a BankID.

How to register your bank details (509 Kb)

Please note that the Danske Bank needs your account details at least two weeks before payment (made around the 25th of the month). If you forgot or were late to register your bank details, a postal cheque will be sent to the Swedish address you entered in your scholarship application, which may present issues if you have already left for your exchange.

If you do not have a Swedish social security number, Swedish address or Swedish bank account:

Contact well in advance for instructions.

The Erasmus+ Student Charter contains information about your rights and obligations as an Erasmus student.

Erasmus+ Student Charter (272 Kb) ​​​​​

During your exchange

Below, you will find information that is important to know during your exchange.

  • If you need to change courses after you have started your exchange, this should be done as soon as possible. Do not forget that both your home and host department must approve the new course selection by completing the ‘During the Mobility’ section of your Learning Agreement.
  • If your exchange period is shortened or extended, you must contact and the responsible international coordinator at your home department as soon as possible.
  • If you are to extend your exchange, you must send a written agreement between all parties (the student, the home department and the host university) and a new Letter of Acceptance to This must be done no later than one month before the original exchange period ends.
  • Please note that extensions are not granted retrospectively. All documents (new Learning Agreement and Grant Agreement) must be completed before the original exchange period has ended.
  • In case of early departure (within 90 days) you may be required to repay a part of, or the full scholarship sum.

The Certificate of Attendance must be completed, signed and stamped by the host university before you go home (no earlier than two weeks prior to this date). This confirms the dates that you have been studying at the host university. It is the physical presence that must be certified – distance studies, home visits etc. does not count.

Certificate of Attendance 2018/19

Upload the document to the Erasmus+ Grant Application Portal 2019/20, via the Erasmus+ SMS Certificate of Attendance form. If there are any changes in the length of the exchange, your final scholarship amount will be adjusted.

Erasmus+ Certificate of Attendance (360 Kb)

After your exchange

Below, you will find information about what to consider when coming home after your exchange.

When you have completed your exchange and uploaded your Certificate of Attendance, a link to a questionnaire called the Erasmus+ Participant Report Form will be sent to you via email. The questionnaire is mandatory for everyone who has been on an Erasmus exchange. Therefore, please contact the Erasmus officer if you have not been sent this link later than one month after your exchange.

In addition to the questionnaire, your department may require additional reports. Therefore, check with your international coordinator that they have received all the necessary documentation.

After your exchange, you will need to carry out an additional language test to see if you have improved your language skills during the exchange. Please note that this does not apply if you have already reached the highest level (C2) in the first language test. The link to the test is sent out automatically and is mandatory to complete.

Also note that you will not receive your remaining scholarship until you upload your signed Certificate of Attendance, complete the questionnaire and the final language test.

Once you have completed and received a grade on the courses of your exchange, you must apply for the credits to be transferred to Stockholm University. Contact your home department for further information.

Departmental exchange

International coordinators at departments

Central exchange

International Office at Student Services

Visiting address:

Studenthuset, 3rd floor, Universitetsvägen 2B


Open hours (drop-in):

Thursdays 13:00 –15:00 (1pm - 3pm)

During your studies