ChemOffice Pro

On this page you will find instructions for downloading and installing ChemOffice Pro. In order to access the software, you need to be registered in Ladok as an active student at Stockholm University.

Description Drawing and analysis
Supplier PerkinElmer Informatics
Windows OS X Linux
17 17 -
Distribution This programme can be downloaded from the supplier's web site.

For a how-to on how to download and install the program, see instructions below.

The instruction also contains information on renewal of license and instructions on how to uninstall the program.

Period of validity 16 January – 15 January
Renew license Activate automatic renewal (see instruction below)
Questions/support Contact Helpdesk/PerkinElmer support

Register an account with the supplier

Click here for information on how to register an account with the supplier.


Click on My Site Subscription, then click on Download Site Subscription Software. Choose your platform and then click on Click Here to Download Software. The download will start - it is normally complete in less than a minute.


Open the downloaded file (if a query pops up asking if it is ok to open the file, click on OK). Click Install Software and then click on Next. Read the licensing agreement (scroll to the end of the agreement text, accept it, then click Next). Continue clicking on Next until you reach Install. Click on Install and the installation will start - it is normally complete in less than a minute. Click on Finish to end.


Verify the installation by checking that the program starts normally. The exact details of what you need to do depends on the platform you are using. If the program does not start, re-install the software in accordance with the above. You will need to find the location of the downloaded file. If you were unable to find the file, you can repeat the download process as above.

To view information on your downloads, log in to your account, click on MY ACCOUNT and then click on My Downloads, under Services.

The installed program has full functionality up until 15 January. This means that your software license must be renewed by 16 January. If the license is not renewed, by the annual renewal date, the program will continue to function for a further 30 days, but with a message that the license needs to be renewed.

How you renew the license:

  1. Start the program
  2. Select the Help menu and then the option Activate ChemOffice Pro.
  3. Click on Activate over Internet to action the renewal. The renewal is now completed.

Once you have completed your studies, you must uninstall the program. The exact details of what you need to do depends on the platform you are using.


For support contact PerkinElmer support.


Contact Helpdesk


During your studies