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How to apply as an exchange student

Students who study at Stockholm University through a formal student exchange agreement between their home university and Stockholm University are exchange students.

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Application process for exchange students

The application process for exchange students is different from that for other international students. An exchange student is someone who is already enrolled at another university ("home university") and would like to study at Stockholm University for a part of their degree programme. Below are the basic steps, but remember to work closely with the International Coordinator at your home university as the specific steps may vary depending on the kind of exchange you participate in.

  1. Contact your home university's International Coordinator to find out if your university has an agreement with us already and what the application procedures and admission requirements are.
  2. Along with your International Coordinator, decide which courses you wish to study by browsing our online catalogue.  
  3. After your university nominates you, you will receive information on how to proceed with your application from your international coordinator.
  4. After you submit your application, don’t assume you are accepted until you receive an official Letter of Acceptance from Stockholm University
  5. We can’t always guarantee acceptance to your choice of courses, but we will assist you in finding other options. If a course is cancelled or you do not meet the requirements, you will be contacted by the department at Stockholm University. The university cannot be held responsible for cancelled or full courses or for students not meeting the academic requirements.
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Stockholm University provides various forms of targeted study support to students with long-term disabilities. The support is based on your individual needs and aims to facilitate your studies.

As an exchange student you are advised to contact the Coordinator for targeted study support as soon as you have been accepted to Stockholm University.

You can find more information about our support and how to apply here

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