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How to select courses as an exchange student

There are two types of agreements, departmental and university-wide agreements.

Please see the relevant information for you below and choose your courses together with the international coordinator at your home university and your department/the International Office at Stockholm University.

Our courses and programmes

By using the extended filter “For international students” you will only see courses that are given with English as the language of instruction and therefore do not require previous knowledge of Swedish.

Departmental agreements are signed between your home institution and a specific department at Stockholm University. Students within these agreements generally only take courses at the specific department. If you are coming as an exchange student through these agreements the department will organise your course selection.
Please contact the departmental coordinator regarding the course selection as the procedures may differ depending on the department.

Departmental exchange coordinators at Stockholm University

A university-wide agreement is between your home institution and the central International Office at Stockholm University. Students coming under a university-wide agreement/network can most often take courses from all departments and choose courses from a maximum of two departments. 
If you are coming through our university-wide agreements or through one of our networks the course selection will be organised by the International Office together with the departments where you wish to study. Information about the course selection procedures will be provided to you by the international coordinator at your home university. 

If you have questions regarding the selection of courses for your exchange please refer to the international coordinator at your home university or contact: 

The university cannot be held responsible for cancelled courses or students not being accepted to courses due to classes being full or students not meeting the academic requirements.



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