The following is a list of criteria which exempts individuals, meaning they do not have to pay application and tuition fees. If you do not meet any of these criteria, you are mostly likely required to pay fees. You are NOT required to pay application and tuition fees if

  • You are an exchange student. Students coming to Sweden as part of an exchange agreement – regardless of nationality – are exempt from both application and tuition fees.
  • You have Swedish citizenship
  • You have citizenship in an EU or EEA country of Switzerland
  • You have been granted permanent Swedish residency
  • You have been granted temporary Swedish residency for reasons other than studies (Having a temporary residency permit for studies in Sweden does NOT grant you exemption from fee payments)
  • You have long-term resident status in Sweden
  • You are applying for or are registered for Third cycle (doctoral) studies. Application and tuition fees are only required for courses and programmes at the First cycle (Bachelor) and Second cycle (Master) level

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