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The Linnaeus-Palme is an exchange programme for teachers and students. The aim of the programme is to strengthen the bond and cooperation with higher education institutions in developing countries. The programme is financed by Sida and administered by the Swedish Council for Higher Education.

As indicated by its name, the programme consists of two separate parts. Linnaeus represents teachers and students in Sweden and Palme represents the same in the partner countries. The core purpose of the exchange programme is to provide the participants with a creditable education, international experience, and an appreciation of other cultures.

The exchange programme can only be done as a part of full-time studies and should cover 12-20 weeks (including days of travel). Up to two of these weeks may be introduction or language classes at your host university.

Please note that the studies conducted during you exchange must be of transferrable credits at Stockholm University. You must also have completed a full academic cycle before departure (60 higher education credits).


The standard scholarship sum for students going on an exchange is SEK 20,000 for 10 weeks. After 10 weeks have passed, the standard sum in increased by SEK 850 per week. Therefore, the highest receivable amount is SEK 45,500 for 40 weeks.

Please note that the scholarship may not cover all expenses during you exchange, and should be combined with you student grant (e.g. CSN).


At Stockholm University, the Linnaeus-Palme programme is handled on a departmental level. Therefore, applications are submitted through your department.

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