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Nordlys gives you the chance to experience the common culture of the Nordic countries and the linguistic similarities, whilst also getting to know the differences and nuances. An exchange within the Nordic region gives you new perspectives on your studies, a variety of courses and a high quality education.

Nordlys is a central network within Nordplus. Students who do not have access to a department network or wish to study another subject at a Nordic university can apply for an exchange through Nordlys.

All students offered a place through the Nordlys network can apply for a Nordplus scholarship.

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During your time abroad, you will be able to keep your student grant (e.g. CSN) and also apply for a Nordlys scholarship, as well as a grant for travel expenses. The scholarship is up to EUR 200 per month excluding those covering travel expenses.

Please note that the scholarship may be less than EUR 200 per month, as it is subject to the funding Stockholm University is granted and how many students go in total.

To be able to participate in a Nordlys exchange, you must:

  • Meet the admission requirements for central agreements and networks.
  • Have completed at least one year of academic studies (one academic cycle).
  • Be able to transfer credit of your courses to Stockholm University.
  • Study at least three months, but no more than 12 months at the host university.

Departmental exchange

Exchange coordinators at departments

Central exchange

International Office at Student Services

Visiting address:

Studenthuset, 3rd floor, Universitetsvägen 2B


Open hours (drop-in): 

Tuesdays 10:00–12:30

Thursdays 13:00 –15:00 (1pm - 3pm)

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