Selection criteria

Applications are assessed based on the following (in order of importance):

1. Complete application

Incomplete and/or late applications and documents and/or additions are not taken into account.

Please note that language test results (for example TOEFL) should not be submitted together with the application to Stockholm University. The authority must receive your complete application before applications close.

2. Previous exchange studies

Students who have not previously participated in exchange studies are prioritised to receive nominations. This applies both to the central agreements and networks and the departments' agreements and exchange programmes. Applicants who have been on an exchange previously are placed in selection group 6 (see below).

Please note, however, that it is not possible to be nominated by the same department twice.

3. Ongoing application

Students, who have already been nominated through central agreements or networks and thus are in an ongoing application process, are placed in selection group 6.

4. Study results

In the event of a competitive situation with more applicants than number of places available, the selection is based on:

  • Amount of higher education credits at Stockholm University documented in Ladok no later than the last application date. Credits from another institution are not included.

Applicants are divided into the following selection groups:

  • Selection group 1: over 100 credits
  • Selection group 2: 80.5 - 100 credits
  • Selection group 3: 60.5 - 80 credits
  • Selection group 4: 45 - 60 credits
  • Selection group 5: 15 - 44.5
  • Selection group 6: students who have taken part of any of the university's exchange agreements or are in an ongoing application process.

Selection group 1 is prioritized before group 2 and so on. Within each selection group, the applicants are ranked based on:

  • The merit rating: grades from all modules documented in Ladok at Stockholm University.

Example: Two students have chosen the same university as their first choice. Student 1 belongs to selection group 1 and has the merit rating of 3.5. Student 2 belongs to selection group 2 and has the merit rating of 4.9. Student 1 is then given the highest priority and gets their first choice.

Departmental exchange

Exchange coordinators at departments

Central exchange

International Office at Student Services

Visiting address:

Studenthuset, 3rd floor, Universitetsvägen 2B


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