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A step-by-step guide

Here we explain all the different steps you need to go through when applying to a course or programme. Please read the instructions carefully.

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Step 1. Find a programme/course

Stockholm University offers single courses, five Bachelor’s programmes and more than 100 Master’s programmes with English as the language of instruction.

A full list of all courses and programmes at Stockholm University is available via the online course-catalogue.

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Step 2. Check that you meet the entry requirements

Check that you fulfil both the general requirements for studying at the University, and the special requirements for the programme/course you are interested in.

Entry requirements for master’s programmes

Entry requirements for bachelor's level studies

English requirements


Create an account and submit your online application via the central Swedish application site and pay the application fee/document fee exemption.


In order to document your eligibility, you must provide University Admissions in Sweden with copies of your previous study information and document your English proficiency. All documents should be submitted to the central Swedish system They are not processed directly by Stockholm University.

It is important that you read the instructions on how to document your eligibility. Be sure to read about what you need to submit, and how your documents must be submitted, below.

Provide application documents (Bachelor's)

Provide application documents (Master's)

Additional documents

Whether or not you need to submit additional documents to those stated at is decided by the individual department responsible for the course or programme. If additional documentation is needed it will be stated on the course or programme website in our course catalogue:



If the number of eligible applicants exceeds the number of places available, there is a selection among the applicants. Applicants are grouped into categories and then ranked on the basis of their qualifications. The highest ranked candidates are offered a place.

Selection among applicants – Bachelor's programmes and courses

At the undergraduate level a general rule is that at least one third of all places are allocated on the basis of final school grades.

Selection among applicants – Master's programmes and courses

The selection is based on a cumulative assessment of one or more of the following factors: number of Higher Education Credits, grades of academic courses, the quality/subject of the Bachelor's Thesis, relevant work and/or research experience, motivation letter and the relevance of previous studies in relation to the programme in question. The selection criteria for each course or programme are specified on the course or programme page on Stockholm University's online course catalogue.

Selection groups at Stockholm University

For master's programmes in business the selection is based on GMAT or GRE test scores (GRE-results are converted to GMAT-scores). You can find more information and instructions on how to submit your GMAT/GRE result on the Stockholm Business School website.


After the selection is processed, results are posted on, both in the 'Applications' tab and in the pdf document Notification of Selection Results. This is the official document in which you will see whether:

You have been admitted – This means that you have been offered a place in the course or study programme. 

Information for admitted students

Conditionally admitted applicants
Your application has been deleted – This means that you did not meet the entry requirements. The term 'Deleted' may also mean that you have been offered a place in a course or study programme you gave higher priority to in your application.
You have been placed on a waiting/reserve list – This means you have been placed on a waiting list.

Information for students on the Waiting/reserve list

Please note that if you applied to the Second round autumn or spring semester (15 April and 15 October application deadlines), you must reply to your first Notification of Selection Results in order to keep the places you've been offered, or to be placed on the reserve/waiting list for the second selection round. 

You can find more information about the Notification of selection results here


Here you will find information about credit transfer of studies from a university abroad for students who have been admitted to, or completed, a course or programme at Stockholm University.

Credit transfer


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