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Payment and repayment of tuition fee

Tuition fee payments are made in instalments on a set deadline before each semester begins. Here you can find more information on how to pay the tuition fee, key dates and deadlines and policy for reimbursement.

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How to pay the tuition fee

The payment of the tuition fee has to be made by account deposit via a bank. The payment should be done in SEK (Swedish Krona). Once you have received the invoice please proceed with the following steps:

  • Inform your bank that you wish to transfer the sum stated on the invoice. 
  • Inform your bank that the payment must be received by Stockholm University by the deadline.
  • It is important that the invoice number is included in the payment. This is your personal reference number and without this number we cannot match the payment to your student record.
  • When you have paid, please send a copy of your receipt of payment to and we will confirm when the payment has reached us. 

All the information you need to pay can be found on the invoice. Sometimes banks require additional information of the kind provided below.

•    The University’s address: Stockholm University, 106 91 Stockholm, Sweden
•    The bank’s complete name: Danske Bank A/S, Danmark, Sverige Filial
•    The bank’s address: Norrmalmstorg 1, 111 46 Stockholm
•    The bank’s branch name: Danske Bank A/S, Danmark, Sverige Filial 
•    The branch’s address and phone number: Norrmalmstorg 1, 111 46 Stockholm  +46 752 480000
•    The branch of the bank’s code: n/a
•    Account name: Stockholm University
•    Phone number, Stockholm University: +46 8 162000 
If you need any further information please contact


First instalment

Students who are required to pay tuition fees will receive a conditional offer of admission and need to pay the first instalment of the tuition fee in order to secure their seat. All offers of admissions are considered preliminary until the student has paid the first instalment of his or her tuition fee. 

The following timelines apply for each semester for students who have been admitted for studies in the first admissions rounds and are required to pay the fees.

The following timeline applies to students who have been admitted in the first admission round (deadline mid-January). 

 Tuition fee payment, timeline autumn semester 2021

The following timeline applies to students who have been admitted in the first admission round (deadline mid-August). 

  • Notifications of selection results are published in October. Students liable to pay the fees will receive information on how to proceed with the payment after the admissions results are published.

15 December: Deadline for payment of the tuition fee.

There are two admission rounds - or periods - to apply to each semester. Find out more about the different admissions rounds on the University Admissions website.

Students from a country outside the EU/EEA are not encouraged to apply to the second admission rounds

Students from a country outside the EU/EEA will most likely not have enough time to apply for and receive their residence permit before the start of the semester if admitted in the Second admissions round. Students who wish to proceed with the payment of the first instalment, despite the residence permit difficulties that are likely to occur, should be informed of the following:

  • The invoices can unfortunately not be sent until after the second notification of selection results has been published, as students are not considered to be definitely admitted until then. 
  • Once the invoice has been received, the tuition fee should be paid promptly and a residence permit application should be done as soon as possible after the payment. 

The National Admissions System cannot record when an applicant has paid the first instalment of their tuition fee. The admissions status will therefore still be listed as 'Conditionally admitted,' on University Admissions even after a student has paid the first instalment of the tuition fee.


Second and subsequent instalments

The tuition fee instalment for each semester must be paid to continue your studies within your study programme. The tuition fee for subsequent semesters must be paid one semester at a time and cannot be split into smaller instalments. Students will be sent an invoice for each semester.

The deadline for payment is:

  • 15 December for the spring semester
  • 1 June for the autumn semester

If the final date for payment falls on a holiday, the next working day is the final date of payment. 


If the second and subsequent instalments are not paid by the invoice deadline, after a reminder sent by the University, the student may be suspended from the course or programme until the fee has been paid.


Repayment of tuition fee

The tuition fee can be reimbursed if a student is prevented from commencing studies for verifiable, special reasons. This could for example be due to the illness of the student him or herself or of a close family member.  The tuition fee is also repaid for students whose residence permit application is denied by the Swedish Migration Agency.

  • If the option of web registration is provided and you have registered for a course or a course within a programme, you can apply for a repayment of the tuition fee under the condition that a non-completion of studies is registered in the study documentation system LADOK, no later than three weeks after the commencement of the course/course within the programme.
  • If the amount paid as a tuition fee exceeds the amount stated in the invoice, an excess amount of less than SEK 1 000 will not be repaid.


An administrative fee of 5,000 SEK normally applies to repayments. The fee has however been waived for the autumn semester 2021. The tuition fee will therefore be fully refunded if the conditions for repayment are fulfilled.

A written request for repayment, including supporting documentation certifying the extenuating circumstances, shall be sent to for assessment. 
Please note that in all cases where a reimbursement is sought, the amount to be reimbursed can only be paid to the same bank account from which the payment originated.

Payment and repayment of fees to/from Iran

Due to international regulations, it is currently not allowed for Swedish universities to pay money to Iran. You should be aware of this already when you make a payment, and be careful about which account you choose to make the payment from. Please note that in all cases where a reimbursement is sought, the amount to be reimbursed can only be paid to the same bank account from which the payment originated. Consequently, we recommend that you choose a payment method that works also if a refund must be made.

You will find more information about repayments related to the effects of the new coronavirus on our Q&A for newly admitted students.
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