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Digital tools and services

Here is a collection of links to study support systems and the most important IT services for students at Stockholm University.

Learning platforms

Athena is the main collaboration platform for courses at Stockholm University. Please note that a few departments might be using other platforms such as iLearn. 

Link to Athena

Athena is a web-based learning and collaboration platform for courses at Stockholm University.

Link to Athena

Get started with Athena

Mobile app

You can also use Athena through a mobile app available for both iOS and Android. Please note that the app is called "itslearning".

If you are a student at the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences, DSV, you are using the platform iLearn.

The Department of Computer and Systems Sciences


Most departments at the university uses the university’s scheduling system TimeEdit. Please note that a few departments do not use TimeEdit. Should the schedule you are interested in be unavailable within four weeks prior to the course’s introduction, please contact the department in charge. 

Get access to TimeEdit

TimeEdit - login

Manage your account - password, WiFi

Your university account is how Stockholm University students access IT services. This includes WiFi, computer rooms, cloud based storage and more.

University account is the user name and password that are the login to a number of services at the University

Activate your university account

Change password

Lost password

Account Management

WiFi (eduroam)

Use your university account to log in to the wireless network.

How to connect to the wireless network

University card

University card is your library card and printing/copy card. Unless you're physically on campus you don't need the university card. If you're an international student you can order your card if/when you arrive in Sweden (it can only be sent to an address within Sweden)

You can order your university card after you have activated your university account.

Order your university card

If you lose your card you must block it to prevent others from using it.
Block your old card and order a new one

Please note: The Campus Card that can be used for student discounts is administered by the Stockholm University Student Union.


Buy copies and print quota

In Ladok you will find record of current and completed education.

Ladok login

Study certificate

The easiest way to obtain a study certificate is to create one yourself by logging in to your university account at Ladok. 

Certificates can be created for studies at Stockholm University, and as a national study certificate that includes studies at several Swedish universities.

Ladok for students

However, if you need a study certificate with a stamp and a signature from Stockholm University exclusively, you can order this by logging in to Serviceportalen (click on Requests, Infocenter / Student Services and select the type of certificate requested).


If you do not have access to your university account you can order a study certificate by contacting Infocenter. Please specify if you want an Official Transcript of Records and/or a Certificate of Registration, if it should be in Swedish and/or in English, and if you want it to be sent digitally and/or by regular post (if so, please specify to which address it should be sent).

For IT support go to for 24/7 answers to common questions and forms to report problems or get help with more complicated issues.

For urgent issues, contact Helpdesk.

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