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Software for students

Stockholm University provides a number of programs for you to use during your studies. Below is a list of these programs and conditions that apply.

One condition for accessing software is that you are registered as an active student in Ladok. The licenses for most programs are time limited, meaning that the program will stop working after a specific period of time. If you are still registered as an active student, you have the option of renewing the license.

If you are both an employee and a student at Stockholm University you can use the software for students for study purposes. For this you need to submit a form for approval.

Note that the student software can only be installed on your private computer and cannot be used for work-related duties.

Questions? Contact Helpdesk.



Use the links to learn more about the programs and how you can get access to them. These programs cannot, under any circumstances, be used for commercial purposes.

Program Category Information
ArcGIS Geographical information  
ArcGIS Pro Geographical
ChemOffice Pro Drawing and analysis  
Claro Digital Study Tool Includes e.g. TTS (text-to-speech) and mind mapping tool
JMP Statistics  
Mathematica Mathematics  
MATLAB Mathematics  
Nvivo Qualitative data analys (QDA) Not provided through Stockholm University. As a student you can buy Nvivo at a discounted price, click here for more information.
SAS Viya Statistics  
SolidEdge 2D/3D/CAD Contact Helpdesk for more information
SPSS Statistics  
Stata/SE Statistics  
StavaRex & Spellright Spelling support for Swedish and English  
Survey&Report A web based survey tool Anyone who has a university account can log into the tool and create surveys. The tool is primarily intended for course evaluations, but all types of surveys and studies can be created with the tool.

For IT support go to for 24/7 answers to common questions and forms to report problems or get help with more complicated issues.

For urgent issues, contact Helpdesk.


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