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Reasons to choose an MSc programme at Stockholm University

A degree from Stockholm University is highly respected and will open many doors within your field. Many universities offer 2-year masters' programmes similar to ours, but here's what makes us different.


Why study science at Stockholm University?

  • Researchers are teachers - Learn from close contact with our internationally leading researchers in smaller group settings
  • Labs and fieldwork - Many of our programmes have a strong focus on hands-on education to prepare you for life as a scientist
  • Internships and exchanges - Most programmes include opportunities to intern or do a study exchange where you can build your knowledge and your network
  • Life in Stockholm - Experience one of the greenest and most sustainable cities in the world

Stockholm University in world ranking tables

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and one of the most prominent academic centres in northern Europe. The city is made up of several islands and is surrounded by water. The water is so clean that you can actually swim in the middle of the city. In the summer the the sun never fully sets and people gather in open bars, restaurants and parks to enjoy the light and the temperate climate. In the wintertime it is often possible to ice skate in the middle of the city.

Education of high quality

Research is also of great importance for the students' opportunities once their education is completed. At the Faculty Science, Stockholm University, the links between research and teaching are strong. The proportion of researchers who teach is high, in a national as well as an international context, and the professors are deeply engaged in the transfer of knowledge. In this way the students are directly exposed to the latest research results during their training, and obtain useful knowledge in demand on the job market.

Many international contacts

Being in the centre of events also means rich possibilities for international exchange. There are many opportunities for study abroad, mainly within Europe but also in, e.g. the USA, Canada and Australia. As the time for the 'examination project' approaches, it is an advantage to have access to the large labour market of the Stockholm area. It is easy to find interesting and challenging tasks which will lead you towards a good job, or give you an entry ticket into the research world.

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Student life

Naturvetenskapliga föreningen spelar såpafotboll på Frescatis gräsfält.

The Natural Sciences faculty club

The Natural Sciences faculty club (Naturvetenskapliga föreningen, NF), is the students' association for all students within the natural sciences. NF organises social activities for new students as well as old students, such as pub nights, parties and student theatre. They also encourage and support students within the natural sciences through grants and organise job fairs.
The Natural Sciences faculty club

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