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"Altogether – just amazing!"

"Altogether – just amazing!” says Anna Fokina from Ukraine, "I got everything I wanted here". Meet three Master's students at Stockholm University's Department of Law – Anna Fokina (Ukraine), Nanxi Xie (China), and Fernando Sanchez (Mexico) – who talk about the highlights of their time studying law here in Stockholm.


"I applied to this programme specifically because I wanted to deepen my knowledge in the area of Intellectual Property Law,” says Anna Fokina. “I got everything I wanted here: I met a lot of nice people from all over the world, I experienced a new country, because I have never been to a Scandinavian country before, and altogether – just amazing!”
Nanxi Xie is a Master’s student in Commercial Arbitration Law. For her, choosing where to study was a major life decision, “Picking a university is not just a university. It’s about picking a life.” 

Fernando Sanchez from Mexico chose Commercial Arbitration Law as his field of study and was very curious about Sweden. “I had never been here,” he says, “so I really wanted to know Sweden, about the country and the culture.” He had also heard good things about the law department, “The University is very well-known for the programme, which is another great thing about it.” Stockholm University is Sweden’s biggest law school with more than 4,000 students. It offers three international Master’s programmes. And Fernando’s expectations were not disappointed. “The programme directors and the staff that work there are really great, very very capable and very very professional, so that is also a highlight of the programme.”

For Nanxi, the University Library has been an important part of her experience of Stockholm. "I like studying here, she says, “because I am a law school student I spend most of my time in the library reading cases, and you can feel the changes outside the window, from autumn, winter to spring, it’s really fantastic."

The library is one of the places on campus where a lot of students meet. "I found that students around me are really hard-working – you can’t find a seat if you come late! So I enjoyed studying in the library very much.”

Nanxi wasn’t alone. “I found that students around me are really hard-working – you can’t find a seat if you come late! So I enjoyed studying in the library very much.
For Anna it was important that the programme wasn’t just theoretical. “The programme itself has a very practical approach because many of our lecturers were not just professors, but also practitioners. They shared their experience with us, and also all the exams were not just based on boring theoretical questions, they were structured around hypothetical real-life situations. It was challenging, but very interesting at the same time,” says Anna. 
Fernando’s career aspiration is to work in arbitration. "I would like to work in the arbitration area related to my Master’s, maybe in an institution or a law firm. Hopefully one day I will be an arbitrator,” he says.
Anna is planning to stay in Stockholm after her studies. “There are a lot of technology companies here like Spotify and Ericsson and dozens of other companies. So I will try to find a job here where I can use all of my knowledge,” she says. 

You can find out more about taking a Master's programme in Law at Stockholm University by visiting Master's Programmes at the Department of Law

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