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”I could work anywhere in the world after this”

Akash Gupta

”In our class of around 30 students there are 19 jurisdictions represented; India, Kenya, Jamaica, China, the UK, Sweden and many more,” Akash Gupta says proudly.

He is one of the selected few who have been accepted to the top rated ICAL programme at Stockholm University. Yet the atmosphere in the class is anything but competitive.

”It’s very open and friendly. The teachers and the other staff are so approachable and always willing to help.”

Akash Gupta praises the structure of the programme which includes learning from practising professionals and participating in mock arbitrations.

”I could work anywhere in the world after this but I want to go back to India. My family is very important to me.”

Akash Gupta’s master’s programme is called International Commercial Arbitration Law.

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