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“I‘ve learnt so much” - Computer and Systems Sciences in Stockholm

Three Master‘s students from the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences in Stockholm share their experience at Stockholm University and what they like most about their study programme.


“Being a student in Stockholm is great” says James Coop from the United Kingdom who doing his Master at the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences (DSV) at Stockholm University. He enjoys the freedoms that come along with being a student, such as walking around the city during his free time when everybody else is working. “I really like doing that actually, just walking around the city and discovering Stockholm in my free time.” James points out how the broad range of subject matter allows for the students to become familiar with their discipline first before they have to specialize.

Sudipta Mallic from India, also a Master‘s student at the department, explains that Swedes might take a little while to warm up, but once the ice is broken they are real friends. “Once they are your friend, they are very much your friend.”

The Department of Computer and Systems Sciences, which is located in Kista, is the biggest department at Stockholm University with around 5,400 students. “One of the most interesting things that I have found in Sweden is the preciseness and how people respect time” says Master‘s student Salan Elshekeil who is originally from Yemen. What Salan likes about his study program at DSV is that the focus is not only on the subject matter, but also on soft skills. “We also learned a lot of soft skills like organizing our life in general and presentation skills, writing skills, talking skills, communications skills.”

To the question where the students see themselves in the future, Sudipta answers that she wants to work in the management of a global company and Salan wants to become an expert in information security.

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