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"This is the country I want to live in"

Three Political Science students talk about what it's like to live and study in Stockholm.


Alesia from Belarus, Nick from the Netherlands and Ricarda from Germany all had different reactions to living and studying in Stockholm.

For Nick, an environmental studies major, it’s important that the city is so close to nature. “It’s a really green city… I like to go into nature and take a moment for myself.” Ricarda liked the natural setting as well, but also commented on the possibilities that go along with living in a big capital city. “You’ve got all of these cultural possibilities.”

For Alesia it was something more. “For Belarusians it’s like a city from the future.”

And how was it to study at Stockholm University?

For each of them, the educational aspects were equally satisfying, if a bit challenging at times. The Swedish system encourages both independent thought and consensus, so group projects where you learn from fellow students are also very common.

“You’re kind of forced to work together to get to know one another and cooperate. In the beginning that was really hard for me, but now I really appreciate it,” says Ricarda.

The others thought that the mutual respect and egalitarianism of the types of classroom interactions were remarkable. Alesia explains the feeling best with “professors and students are equal.”

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