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What do I like best about Stockholm? Meet German Master’s student Greta Alina Kempe

International student Greta from Germany fell in love with the city of Stockholm and is now doing her master at the Department of Neurochemistry at Stockholm University.


Greta Alina Kempe, an international student from Germany, is attending the Master’s Program in Neurochemistry with Molecular Neurobiology. She chose Stockholm University because of its professionalism. “You’re really learning advanced content – how our cells are communicating, how the brain is built, how we can learn, how can we heal or cure neurological diseases. That’s what this major is about.”

The very friendly relationship between students and professors is one of the things Greta likes best about studying in Stockholm. “It feel like you’re friends, like you’re on one level.” For her future career Greta wants to help to cure diseases, but for the near future she wants to enjoy her life in Stockholm a little more. “My close future plans are that I want to live the Swedish life a bit more. Becoming a researcher, following my goals – and then we will see I guess.”

Apart from the education at Stockholm University, the city of Stockholm was a reason for Greta to move to Sweden. One year before she started her master she visited Stockholm to see if she could imagine living here. “I immediately fell in love with the town. So I decided I would definitely want to stay here – and now I am.” Greta likes the mixture of old and modern architecture and the feeling to be surrounded by water all the time. “It gives you this relaxing and really calm feeling in a big city like Stockholm”, she says.

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