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Zimbabwean master's student studies Human Geography

Melody, a master’s student from Zimbabwe studying in the Human Geography department, came to Stockholm University to understand the relationship between development and the environment.


Melody, a master’s student in the Globalisation, Environment and Social Change programme came to Stockholm University from Zimbabwe with big goals. She wants to understand the paradox that causes developing countries to suffer more from pollution even though they’re not the biggest polluters. For her, the cause is personal.

“Being from Africa and from a developing country, it’s an issue that I feel.”

Critical, independent thinking

Melody noticed some major differences with Sweden’s educational system and the one she was used to.

“It widens our way of thinking because you’re really researching on your own,” she says, “You are given the opportunity to express yourself, what you are thinking.”

She even noticed that she herself was changing.

“I have to be independent; I have to think for myself. It gives me this self-esteem: that I have to decide on my own, that I have to make things work.”

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