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Whether it’s beneficial to open a Swedish bank account depends on how long you’re staying in Sweden, whether you need to receive income and how well your home bank services work in Sweden.

Having access to a Swedish bank account during your stay in Sweden can be a convenient way to pay bills and receive income. However, if you are staying in Sweden for less than one year and have access to internet banking and a credit card, it will be more convenient to stay with your home bank. All major international banks and credit cards are widely accepted throughout Sweden.

Cashless society

Sweden is becoming a cashless society: most payments, even small purchases, are done by card and many stores only accept payments by card. Swish is also a widely used payment method in Sweden. It is an app which is a cooperation between the largest banks in Sweden and each bank is responsible for offers, terms and eventual charges for the service provided to their customers. You’ll need a Swedish bank account and Swedish personal identity number to get Swish. For information regarding the terms and conditions of Swish, visit your bank’s website.

Opening an account

You are welcome to open an account anywhere, but some banks, like SEB, have been more willing to accept international and exchange students without a Swedish personal identity number as customers. Remember that you must contact the bank to close your Swedish bank account when you leave Sweden in order to avoid accumulating unnecessary fees.

Information for international students from SEB in Sweden is offered on their website.

Information about becoming a customer as a non-Swedish citizen

Below you will find an indication of the documents you will need to bring to open an account. For more information visit the bank's website.

Students from a EU/EEA Member Country

  • Letter of acceptance that shows duration of studies
  • Passport
  • Address information (e.g. rental contract)

Students from a non EU/EEA country and Swiss Citizens

  • Letter of acceptance that shows duration of studies
  • Residence permit
  • Passport
  • Address information (e.g.rental contract) 


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